Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

I think I’m not lucky with romance this month…

Themes: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

The synopsis

Two weeks before Christmas and all through Manhattan, shop windows are decorated in red and green satin.
I’m standing alone in front of the famous Vivant department store, when a charming man named Aiden asks my opinion of the décor.

It’s a tragedy in tinsel, I say, unable to lie.
He asks for a better idea with a twinkle in his eye.
Did I know he owned the place? No. He put me on the spot.
Now I’m working for that man, trying to ignore that he’s hot.
But as a down on her luck girl with a difficult past, I know an opportunity when I see one—and I have to make it last.

I’ll put my heart and soul into dressing his holiday windows.
I’ll work without stopping. And when we lose the battle with temptation, I’ll try and remember I’m just window shopping.

The review

Ok, I’m not sure what to say about this book apart that I’ll not read any other novel by this author…

I’ll try to begin with the few positive (?) points I have. First: it’s during Christmas time, which is nice, even though the setting isn’t really developed. Second, the chemistry between the couple is correct but veryyy cliché.

That was for the positive part. Now, all the arguments in favour of not reading this book unless you want to lose your time (I ended up skimming it so much I didn’t want to pick it up). I’ll begin by saying that almost nothing in this book is plausible. You’ll tell me that it’s normal, it’s a romance so it’s idealised for narrative purposes. Yes, but the author could still have given her readers a bit more logic than that. Just an example: you have quite an idea of Stella’s personality (the only character with a bit of development by the way) but this personality is totally betrayed by the fact she falls in love at first sight and then practically moves in with a guy she has known for what, 3 days? And all the relationship between Stella and Adam is rushed, which is a bit sad since this book is a romance, so literally centred around the relationship between the main characters! And let’s talk about Adam’s POV. I don’t understand what it brings to the book since each of his chapters is about sex and what he dreams to do to Stella… Come on, give us some depth!

In brief: A total waste of time, with a lot of interesting ideas (such as a toxic friendship) that are lost behind what seems to be not even sex scenes but just porn…

My rating: 1.5/5

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