About me

Welcome to my blog! Here, you will find the honest reviews about the books that I’ve read recently. I mainly read YA fantasy so if you’re looking for witchy tales and other fantasy readings here’s the right place!

However, I don’t say you will not find some reviews about other genres from time to time 😉

The majority of the synopses are taken from Goodreads.

To rate my books, I’m using the CAWPILE method. You can find more information in G’s video (Book Roast).

Do not hesitate to contact me at abookbythefire@gmail.com

My rating:

5/5: incredible book, joins my favourite list

4/5: very good book but lack a little something to make me entirely love it

3/5: good book to have an enjoyable moment

2/5: I didn’t like this book, it didn’t fulfil its promises but it’s not entirely bad

1/5: just bad