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The Immortal Twin by D.B. Woodling

Thanks to NetGalley and the author/publisher for providing me with this audiobook.

Genre: YA fantasy, romance

The synopsis

Celeste Torok and her twin brother Nick could not be more different. Celeste is as introverted as Nick is charismatic. There is one thing, though, they have in common: they are mortal. Their immortal adoptive parents made sure of that.

When Nick’s rebellious ways place Celeste in danger, she is forced to seek safety in the Midwest. As if the familial alienation isn’t enough, she’s tormented by her forbidden desire for Tristan, the supreme warrior of her parents’ coalition, the Realm. With her future uncertain and her past shattered, she follows in her biological father’s footsteps and joins law enforcement.

As lead investigator on several bizarre child abduction cases, Celeste soon discovers that bullets and modern weaponry will not stop these criminals, and that a war is brewing between the Realm and renegade vampires.

The review

Well, what to say about my first audiobook… First, I didn’t like the narrator that had a flat tone during the entire book and didn’t seem much involved in it (not that I can blame her). Concerning the story itself, the plot was blurry and I was completely lost. The introduction seemed to put the premises of a story that just disappeared afterwards and the narration was constantly jumping in time while nothing was happening in the chapters. I felt that there were no logical links between them, maybe the book was lost in too many subplots, some of them I didn’t see the point. And I had the exact same type of feelings about the romance: the protagonists weren’t interacting much, the heroine decides to marry someone else while she keeps telling us she’s in love with Tristan… The latter element made me hate the heroine which felt selfish and exceptionally immature.

In brief: this book was clearly a miss for me. I didn’t connect with either the characters or the plot and the narrator of the audiobook didn’t succeed in retaining my attention.

My rating: 2/5

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