The Monarchs by Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige

Genre: YA fantasy, romance, mystery, witch/witchcraft

The synopsis

To avoid any spoilers, here’s the synopsis on Goodreads!

The review

After the tragic events that happened in the first book, The Ravens are trying to rebuild themselves but are soon confronted with new dangers. I was happy to be back in this world mixing college and witchcraft, even if it maybe lacked the cemetery, gothic vibes of the first book. The passage in the haunted house was my favourite part of the book and I was disappointed it was not explored further given its potential.

I also enjoyed that we shifted to focus on Scarlet, who has the best character development in the series. We see her learning to want things for herself and not because of the status they represent. She is less selfish and is going on with her evolution to becoming a true leader. I’m sorry I cannot say the same for Vivi. I already wasn’t particularly convinced by her characters in the first book but she truly made me cringe this time. Instead of growing and learning, she’s increasingly selfish, stupid and immature. Even if it was a bit the basis of her character, it was as if she was an entirely new one. But I still appreciated the ‘moral’ behind her story which is when someone gains power, he/she tends to want more and more of it until it breaks.

If had to sum up this book, I would say it’s full of ideas that are underexploited. For example, the title is linked to the alumni of the sorority whose role is to appear twice in the entire book. Same feeling for the resolution, which felt too easy. It happened very quickly at the end without much suspense or work from the characters (who were all ‘Oh that’s okay, everything is normal’ when weird things were happening every two pages…).

In brief: I was a bit disappointed by this sequel which gave the feeling of staying on the surface of things. However, I still enjoyed following Scarlet and the fact that magic was more present.

My rating: 3.5/5

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