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Hollow: a Love Like a Life by Jazalyn

Thanks to the author for contacting me and giving me a copy of this poetry collection in exchange for an honest review!

Themes: poetry

The synopsis

A ghost spirit of dark’s universe falls in love with a ghost spirit of light’s universe, and while they cannot meet, for they wander around separate realms and spacetimes, they live their love through a secret and sacred interaction. 

The review

Since I am not the biggest fan of poetry and barely read any, I will do my best to explain my feelings towards this collection, without rating it.

These poems are presented by the author as ones talking about ghosts, fantasy, and romance. If I hadn’t known the presence of the first two elements, I could not have guessed they were here. However, love is present and is even the main topic as we are following one narrator who is experiencing the different states of love. Even if I found some passages a bit repetitive or cryptic, these poems remain quite accessible and the novice that I am still understood the majority of them. The thing that left the biggest impression on me is the quite efficient use of repetition allowing the author to mirror the human stream of consciousness. It emphasised the feelings expressed by the narrator and gave a nice rhythm to the poems.

In brief: I liked the fact that this collection was made of both poems easy to understand and others more far-fetched (plus the fact that it was a quick read!).

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