Magic by Lylian K. & Audrey Molinatti

A sweet graphic novel read during the first day of November

Themes: children’s fiction, fantasy, witches, middle grade, graphic novel

The synopsis

A baby girl born with purple hair is promptly handed over to a convent by her horrified father, who fears she bears the sign of the witch. And indeed, little Evelyn seems to have strange powers and to attract supernatural manifestations as she grows up among the nuns, who patiently put up with it as best they can. But after one scary “trick” too many, she is entrusted to the care of a hat-maker, who whisks her off to London, where she will learn about much more than making hats! For as Evelyn and her talking cat Benedict will soon find out, Master Neil has a few tricks up his sleeve, too, and his hat shop might not be exactly what it seems…

The review

A very sweet coming-of-age story for children which follows the young witch Evelyn. I absolutely adored the artwork which was very colourful and full of small details, evoking a dream or a fairytale. You see Evelyn growing up and discovering what it means to leave childhood and what responsibilities come with that.

I was just disappointed by the fact this graphic novel is very short, even for a book destined for children. It ends when you are just getting into the story and when the action truly starts, leaving you wanting more. The other point I didn’t really get was the choice of London as a setting. It was very nice to see the place at a different timeframe but all the other elements of the world were so magical that the authors created a world on its own.

In brief: A very brief story for people looking for a sweet and witchy graphic novel

My rating: 4/5

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