Fantasy, Fiction, romance

The Reckoning & Shadow Princess (Zodiac Academy #3 & #4) by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Themes: New Adult, Fantasy Romance

The synopsis

No synopsis, I’m trying to remain spoiler free here!

The review

I’ll be working in a way a bit unusual since this series is huge. There will be 8 volumes (the final one is published next December) and they are getting bigger and bigger (and the writing is narrowing with each book). So, since I want to avoid spoilers, I decided to review several volumes at the same time 🤓

Zodiac Academy #3

I really feel that the books are getting better with each book. In this one, the relationships are evolving, especially the one between Darcy and Orion (I really love their dynamic). And I’m surprised to see that I don’t hate the Heirs as much as I did in the first two volumes! But maybe the biggest surprise remains Geraldine, I have a feeling she will end up as my favourite character!

The only thing getting on my nerves is the relationship between Tory and Darius. Even though it is so logical with their personalities, seeing them being so stupid and taking wrong decisions just makes me angry. Especially, Darius who doesn’t understand or try to see things through Tory’s perspective.

Zodiac Academy #4

What did I say about the Heirs precedently? I’m taking it all back… I think that now I’m hating them almost as much as in the first book. This series is a real rollercoaster of emotions…

I swear the final battle just stressed me out so much I was worried for the characters! And I fear what will happen in the next volume for the girls and their love interest. I know something bad will happen (again) and this time I’m afraid it will be Darcy and Orion that will take the blast this time.

I still absolutely love Geraldine, and the way she is making Max crawl for a bit of her attention without him even realising it is just too much 😂

In brief: I really enjoy this series (a bit to my own surprise). The biggest warning here is if you’re picking it up just be prepared for so much emotions you’ll have to take a break after reading a volume!

My rating: respectively 4 and 4.5/5

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