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Bookish Christmas Tag

Hey everyone! Thanks to Georgia @Lost In Neverland for tagging me and make sure to check her incredible blog! She found the tag on Kira’s blog (@Kira Jeanette), take a look at it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Father Christmas: Name a book you received as a child that you treasure to this day.

Instead of naming one precisely, I’ll talk about a fantastic collection I inherited from my mother. I remember spending hours reading these stories that were about subjects from mysteries to Sissi!

The Ghost of Christmas Past: Is there a book or a series you like to revisit each year at Christmas time?

I’ve always loved to re-read Pride and Prejudice at this time of the year. It’s one of the few classics I love (and read) and it has nothing to do with Christmas but it is for me associated with this cosy period.

Christmas Tree: Name a series that reaches new heights with every entry.

My answer will be the same as Georgia’s and Kira’s: The Mortal Instruments. The original series is already daunting but with all the other books… ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Friends and Family: Name a book with a gorgeous cover you would proudly display on your shelves.

I have some beautiful editions of Pride and Prejudice (I’m a little obsessed with this book) that I’m already displaying. I also love the cover of Descendants of the Crane.

Christmas Cards: Name a book that carries a great message.

The Once and Future Witches. This book is all about equality, and not only the one between men and women.

Ice and Snow: Name a book you were hoping to love but ultimately left you cold.

Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas had everything to be a great read but ended up as a DNF.

Christmas Lunch: Name a book that was big and intimidating but oh so worth it in the end.

My edition of Crescent City has 956 pages so I think we can consider it big and intimidating. But I freaking love this book! And obviously, I’ll have to reread it next year since the sequel will be out next February!

Mince Pies: Name a book you found sweet and satisfying.

I really liked the Bookish Life of Nina Hills which was a sweet romance with a heroine who loves reading.

Presents: What book do you wish you could give everyone to read?

My favourite series: A Discovery of Witches. It has all the elements fantasy lovers are waiting for, is extremely well written and is full of historical discoveries ๐Ÿ˜ Read it, you will not be disappointed!

Spreading the Festive Cheer: Tag some friends to help to spread the festive bookish love.

Since I didn’t keep track of who has already done it, I’m tagging all of you! Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to do it too and more importantly: Merry Christmas!

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