The Bone Witch – The Osseus Chronicles Book 1 by Ivy Asher

I’ve never heard of this book until I saw it on sale on Amazon and I failed to resist buying it (again).

Themes: fantasy, romance, urban fantasy, mystery, witches

The synopsis

When her grandmother dies, Lennox Osseous doesn’t expect to be chosen by the magic of the bones. But the bones appear on her table and she’s now the new Bone witch and inherits of all the troubles linked to this title. Between resentful relatives and a gorgeous stranger warning her she’s the next Bone witch on the list of a kidnapper, Lennox has also to learn how to navigate in her new role.

The review

After the disappointment of my last read, Caraval, I am so happy of this book. I picked it up quite randomly, attracted by the witchy content and the unusual plot. We meet Lennox, a normal young woman with a strong (and bad) temperament the day her granny dies. It would be alright if the latter one wasn’t the Bone Witch of the Osseous family and that her powers didn’t ended in Lennox’s hands. She has no idea what to do with them and discovers little by little the role of a Bone Witch. The magic system is well explained and complete, I liked the idea of the ancestor’s knowledge being passed directly into the main character’s head (and the relationship she has with them). She just has to think about what she wants to do or to feel a strong emotion to have a range of possibilities from provoking an earthquake to petrifying someone. Obviously, this knowledge is completed by a grimoire and there is a lot of different types of witches. Some of them draw their power from blood or elements while others have the power to shift forms (a cool use of the lycanthrope thread). The pace of the action is quite quick as Lennox receives her powers and meets Rogan in two days time and the events keep succeeding from there. The end is a bit more slow but it underlines the cliffhanger even more and believe me, you must have the sequel ready or you’ll be as frustrated as I am now.

Concerning the characters I loved Lennox with her humour and her “an eye for an eye” philosophy. When she speaks before thinking and puts herself in delicate situations, she’s capable of making fun of herself instead of weeping over her fate as some heroines do. She isn’t the type of just being in awe of her sexy counterpart (even if there’s a lot of peeks from her part) and waiting for him to make the decisions and save her. On the contrary, she happily contradicts him and even is the one saving him! As much as I loved Lennox, I also hated Rogan. He’s just bossy, selfish, impolite and doesn’t redeem himself in the book. The only reason I accept his presence is for the exchanges he has with Lennox, which made me laugh so hard 😀

It’s maybe a paradox but I enjoyed seeing the romance between the two characters. It’s a slow-burn romance with some moments of tension and comical scenes. I find there’s a good alchemy between the characters. What was enjoyable was the fact that it doesn’t take the lead of the plot and remains present but well inserted in the main action.

In brief: I loved this book and can’t wait to read next two volumes of the trilogy. There are so many fun scenes in addition to Lennox comments and humour that I laughed during pretty much the entire book. The only negative point I have is about the familiar vocabulary and the overuse of the f* word (a lot of them coming from Lennox, obviously).

My rating: 4,5/5

Warnings: familiar vocabulary/slang, mature romance

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