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Etiquette Secrets – 20 essential lessons every elegant lady knows by Monika Anna

A quick read for those interested in etiquette. But if you have some notions about it already, move on to another book

Themes: etiquette, good manners, self-help

The review

I’ll be quick since there’s not a lot to tell about this book. It’s presented as a little guide for those interested in etiquette and is supposed to provide some tips for different moments of the day or events. The organisation of the book is very clear with chapters dedicated to specific topics such as work, hotel or writing etiquettes. Always interested by these type of topics, I decided to grab my copy of the book after the discovery of Jamila Musayeva, an etiquette consultant who makes very interesting Youtube videos.

I thought I would learn some unknown etiquette tips and advice but was cruelly disappointed. Instead of that, I soon discovered that this book was about basic notions of good behaviour, some of them supposed to be learned during childhood or school. I already have basic knowledge of etiquette thanks to the Youtube channel I mentionned earlier but also thanks to different work experiences and travels so the vast majority of the book was common sense for me who was looking for a more specific knowledge.

In brief: A book presenting etiquette very clearly and nicely thanks to pretty illustrations. It wasn’t what I expected but I still learned some things and it remains a good book for those looking for a first approach of this subject. However, if you have already some knowledge about the topics of the the book, my advice is to choose another one.

My rating: 3/5

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