Classic Litterature

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Today, I present you a classic of the English litterature and one of my favourite books. I re-read or listen Pride and Prejudice at least once each year, which says how much I love this book!

File name:	ILS-1602646
Binder label:	G 823.7 AUS 1894
Title:	Pride and prejudice
Date issued:	1894
Genre:	Book covers
Notes:	(Author) Jane Austen
Collection:	Victorian publishers' bookbindings
Location:	National Library NZ on The Commons collections
Rights:	No known copyright restrictions.
Date	23 October 2014
Source	Victorian publishers' bookbindings
Author	National Library NZ on The Commons

Genre: classic litterature, romance, satire, portrait of society

The synopsis

When you live in the English countryside with pretty much nothing to do, your main worry is to marry your five daughters as well as possible given their little wealth. So, when the newcommer of the little town of Meryton Mr Bingley takes an interest in her eldest daughter Jane, Mrs Bennet is happily planning their wedding from their first meeting! Another of her daughter, Elizabeth, is the focus of the attention of the haughty Mr Darcy, the very rich friend of Mr Bingley. Being the main character of Austen’s story, she watches and reports the life and misadventures of her family during the Regency Era. Will the Bennet sisters succeed in their quest for a secure and happy match?

The review

I usually have difficulties reading classic litterature but have none to read Jane Austen’s workthanks to a quick, almost modern writting. This novel is seen through the eyes of Elizabeth Bennet, a sharp young lady with an humour we sense belongs to both the character and the author.

This novel is absolutely perfect for an introduction to English litterature and to the Regency Era. Austen’s depicts with precision the customs and lives of the gentry of this period and is the first to point the flaws of this society. All of this being made with a sense of humour which makes the reading really enjoyable.

At first, you could say that this novel is the classic story of the young girl meeting the handsome, rich hero, disliking him at first and finally falling in love with him. But it is so much more than that! The writter plays with the different narrative voices so much that the inattentive reader can be easily fooled by her. A more diligent one will see the irony of certain lines and the shifts trying to lead us in the wrong direction and thoughts.

I loved the character of Elizabeth which is sharp and intelligent. She demonstrates a strong intelligence but is not the perfect, ladylike heroine, which allows the reader to identify more easily with her. All characters are enjoyable, even the silly ones such as Mr Collins whose long speeches and flagonery made me smile numerous times (when I was not rolling my eyes wishing to be able to slap him 😉 ). The only character I truly disliked was the one of Lydia, the younger sister. Indeed, even if her parents are partly responsible for her behaviour by not correcting it, she proves to be a silly, selfish girl not taking into account the impacts her actions can have on her family and especially on her sisters.

So, do not hesitate to pick this book if you want a classic novel which gathers romance, humour, history and beautiful sceneries of the English countryside!

My rating: 5/5

I now leave you with the iconic first line of the novel, hopping it’ll make you want read the book:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Pride and Prejudice, 1813

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