Her Majesty the Queen Investigates: The Windsor Knot by S.J. Bennett

Ready to discover an unusual muder mystery book? Because here the investigator is not the police, a detective or a Miss Marple but… the Queen herself!

Genre: mystery, politics

The synopsis

What if Her Majesty was a fervent reader of thriller and loved to solve mysteries? That’s exactly what she’s doing with the help of her private secretary Rozie when a murder is committed after one of her dine-and-sleep at Windsor Castle. The poor man has been found hung in the closet of his room and more shockingly almost naked! When the investigators begin to follow the wrong leads the Queen has no other choice than to use her talents to discretely help them.

The review

A cosy, British murder mystery involving the Queen? Yes, please!

I really enjoyed this reading which was bit unusual since it involves real people we wouldn’t expect to meet in this situation. I liked the glimpse the author gives us about what might happening behind the closed doors of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. I found S.J. Bennett very skilled in imagining the thoughts and words of the Queen. I totally imagine the Queen being as cunning as she is in this book.

I also appreciated the fact that Rozie and the Queen are both women being more clever than the male investigators. One of them was particularly dislikable and at the same time laughable because of his pride and tendency to treat the Queen as an old woman, a bit slow and stupid that needs long and very precise, step by step explanations (while she is the one at the origin of these disclosures🤣). Rozie is also a smart character, and I liked her way to immediatly understand the Queen and her loyalty to her.

The mystery itself was really well done and the reader is really in the shoes of Rozie who resolves it little by little thanks to her investigative missions and the conclusions drawn by the Queen. Another aspect of the book is the presence of a lot of contemporary geopolitical facts and issues which were really interesting. They are presented through the murder mystery but bring a more serious aspect to the book without transforming it into a dull geopolitical essay.

I give a 4/5 to Her Majesty and her secretary 😉

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