Witchless in Seattle Cozy Mysteries by Dakota Cassidy

Here’s a quick review from the three first volumes of this series by Dakota Cassidy. A perfect read for the holidays with a bit of fantasy and mystery!

Genre: fantastic, thriller

The synopsis

Stevie Cartwright is a witch. Well, an ex-witch since her powers were snapped from her and that she was forced to move back in her hometown, Ebenezer Fall. But that’s not because she has no more magical powers that the deads are leaving her alone and she keeps being involved in murder mysteries. To solve them, she can count on the help of her bat familiar Belfry and her ghost Winterbottom.

The review

While she is trying to sort out her new magicless life (and more importantly to get a job), our heroine is meddled with different murders happening in her hometown. Each volume concerns a different mystery to be solved but they are to be read in order since the story is also built around the questions raised by the ghost Winterbottom and the possibility for Stevie to retrieve her powers. This is one of the positive points of the book since it allows it to be more complex than “1 mystery solved, next!”.

I really liked these readings which are quite quick. The writting is simple and efficient but really enjoyable too. The mysteries are pleasant and I never found the culprits before they were revealed but I’m not a reference since I don’t read a lot of thrillers (and seriously lack a logical mindset 😅).

Stevie is funny and determined and I enjoyed a lot following her in her adventures. Winterbottom (the British ghost) is more placed and rational and his growing attachment to our heroine is well structured. Plus, you want to solve the mysteries revolving around him as much as the heroine does, which kept me reading and struggling not to spoil myself by reading the end(s). But I must admit that my favourite character was Belfry who has the life I dream of: sleeping a lot, eating a lot too and sometimes helping his ex-witch.

In short, a very good read for those looking for cosy mysteries and quick reads with a bit of fantasy! Perfect for an holiday or a weekend on the couch with your favourite plaid.

Bonus: you cant enjoy the first three volumes in ebooks for a low price on Amazon 😉

My rating: 4/5

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